“Why would he put this on his wall?”
“He’s ruminating.”
“Dan is?”

“No, Satan. In the poster. Maybe Dan too. I don’t know him very well.” 

We remain seated on my new roommate’s bed. Callie touches my thigh, but she takes her hand away when I reach for it. I could have asked her to move in. “It’s from Paradise Lost,” I add, leaning back onto my hands. Dan’s comforter is made of denim. I am piecing him together from his décor because he works two jobs and is rarely in the apartment. The only thing he has in our fridge is home-made hummus. “Didn’t you write your thesis about-”

“If your roommate is a Satanist …”
“I think he just likes philosophy…”
“…I don’t know what I’m going to do about it.”

Later, I let Callie try some of Dan’s hummus, and I feel really bad as I replace the Tupperware lid. I tell her she doesn’t have to do anything about anything, and I add salt to the grocery list in case Dan wants to make an inverted star on his floor sometime. Callie doesn’t think this is funny.

Satan Resting on the Mountain, Gustave Dore

Emily Gaudette